The Dance of Light on Water~

Light is amazing. It illuminates the unseen, comforts us when in shadow. It prisms into a magnificence of colors. It twinkles in constellations across distances of space. And it dances on water.

While traveling across water via a Ferry, I watched the continual reflections of the sun light on the soft ripples of the water. I was mesmerized by its solid and rolling feel, and yet, the light lifted it and made the motions like a dance of movement. I was lost in a moment of time. And I thought about how we scurry around our day and night, tethered by devices and schedules. Obligations whether real or perceived, dictating the time we have to stop and notice simple things – like sun light dancing on water.

Most of us will notice and say, ah…how nice. And then we turn and focus on the next thing that our mind has determined important. I think we are all the lights that dance on the water. The shifting, rolling, movement from one ripple to another and inter-playing with each other. The water supports us, lifts and drops us to allow the myriad of shapes and brightness of reflections created. In the sea of life, we the dancing light, create collectively the pictures, moment by moment; part of the whole and yet individual. What do you see? ~ Grace LeFae’




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