Learning to Mobius – The Dance of Life’s Twist and Turns


Möbius by Corina Marinescu

In a previous post I discussed that we all need to honor our personal dance; no matter what it looks like, feels like or how others choose to interpret our dance. But our dance is dynamic and not static; because it is our personal life experience.

You probably know the Möbius as the Möbius Strip, a strip of flat paper, that when you connect the two ends, you twist one side mobius strip flatso it looks like the image to the left (pulled from Google Images). If you create this, (its fun and easy), you will note how your finger will follow one side – say the inner side – and then flow over onto the other or outer side. This creates an endless flow of available action. This is our life dance until the Möbius strip fails, or in essence, we die.


The truth is our life experience is much more dimensional, life the image at the top of the post. If you go to this site: https://plus.google.com/collection/IY8YX , you can multiple versions of sacred math in action, including Corina’s Moebius actively flowing. This is how we shift and adjust as we dance through our life. But it is more than that, because our life is also about choices. We can choose to follow the flow as our life twists and turns, we could choose to turn and walk the other way and not follow the flow. Or, we could decide to sit and stay put while our life moves around us, which is usually what makes us feel out of control and topsy-turvy.

Some consider the Möbius as a lead/follow image; on one side it appears that the ants are following and yet the other they aremobius ants by escher leading. Paradoxically, this perspective is accurate; we both lead and follow when we make choices and when we dance our life experience. But the trick is to ‘know’ when we lead and when we follow. If we don’t, our dance becomes one or the other. To follow only is to give away our self-authority. To lead only, is to take self-authority from others, to control and be less compassionate. Our personal dance must be the dance of both, because we are co-creating with others as we all share our personal dance experience.

Now, because we are all made up of energy, our dance is electric and expressive, which is why when we don’t express or flow, things begin to build up until a required expression explodes forth; consider it a forced spin of our personal Möbius. We are designed to move, flow and express. To dance! To move! To feel!

Which brings me to the multiple openings in the image at the top of the post. Consider these windows that others look into and we look out. Our dance, in its wondrous Moebius flow, allows both us and others to see and experience the complex and varied sides of our presence. These windows are the lattice-work of our personal pattern, no two patterns are alike, because no two Moebius are made alike. These open windows that show the patterns of the expressive sharing of our presence, are also what allows us to be flexible and our energies to flow in and around and through our presence.

Each of us dances to our own flow and it shows in the fabric of our energetic pattern. This also means that when we choose to make foundational shifts in our presence, it actually shifts the foundation of our presence. So when someone says to us, ‘…you seem different’ or ‘you’ve changed’, You Have! And it allows the vibration of you to flow differently.

We keep hearing of ascension, but we are the ‘hard spark’ of the First Source, which means we ‘chips off the first block’ of Presence. So in reality, we aren’t ascending, but the prodigal child returning home. We are just remembering the path back home, but with a twist (oh no, that Moebius thing again), we are ascending our physical pattern as we return home. It’s a gift to First Source so that collectively (after all First Source is directly connected to and experiences through us), First Source has a wondrous Moebius of patterned form to dance through too. We may all be individual Moebius patterns, but we collectively now make a group Möbius, which when we all learn to dance our personal dance, allows us to fit and complete the big Moebius of the First Source; to create the grand dance of Spirit.

So, are you on the self-reflective inner path, or the sharing and expressive path on the outer side? Are you twisting and flowing to your own energetic vibration, while collectively sharing and raising the vibratory dance of the whole? What does your Moebius look like?

Grace Sequoia



  1. Hello ~ Just letting you know I have nominated your blog for the 2018 Leibster Award! All you need to is go read my blog about it [and see your nomination] on my blog page and follow the instructions to be in with a chance. Don’t worry, it is legit! There is a link to the Leibster Awards page a couple of times in my blog. Good luck, my darling x Isabella http://www.speakingofwitchwands.net

    1. Hello ~ and Wow! Thank you so much. Your work is inspiring and helpful; you write well. (This is me blushing). I will take a look and see how good I am at following directions. Ha! Sending wishes of magical abundance x Grace

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