A Wild Dryad . . .

A Wild Dryad once danced around the forest. She was known for her grace, and genuine care given to all who entered her realm. At the end of her tree’s life, she expressed such concern over the care of those who entered her realm, she was given a chance to continue her attention and loving care – she was given human form. And thus, Grace LeFae’ now walks the Earth, and she continues to share her grace and loving care to those she meets.

Grace was born in the Bay Area, as Carol, but she has always heard another name from deep within; the name Grace. She lives in the Northwest and is retired from the mundane world. Now, she takes care of her family and continues to delve more deeply into her gifts; psychic, tarot, channeling, arts and crafts.

Her recent studies in the great mysteries, the Qabalah and Tree of Life, has brought her in contact with a collective consciousness, Simon of Egypt. This was a new experience and she welcomes it as they have been offering insights for herself and others, to help us as we all begin to grow and expand our consciousness.

A Wild Dryad now includes a website presence for readings, blessing songs, speaking and teaching engagements; including whatever amuses the Dryad.

Find her here:  http://awilddryad.wix.com/awilddryad

Her company, Athea Arts is preparing to move to an online presence. Here she will be offering for sale her many creations both spiritual in nature and for fun. Most work is created by using ink-pens to create meditative illustrations called ‘Inkspirations’,  or pen and ink with colored pencil for cards, mandalas, and humorous pictures. Her recent work now includes a growing line of ‘Floradalas’ using her floral photography and combining them to create amazing mandala style images. She creates lined tarot bags and is developing a line of polymer-clay items to accessorize the bags or just because its fun.



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