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Grace Sequoia (her muse name), is lives in the northwest. She is a Qabalistic Tarot reader and psychic. As a wild dryad now walking the human-tree life experience she continues to create art, write, and continue her studies in the Gnosis. As a Muse, she helps to inspire others to delve into the greater mystery helping others find their passion to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Come Meet the Dryad…

SHOE Cartoon - Aura Reading

Cartoon “SHOE” 1-14-15

Cosmic Café, A Metaphysical Nightclub

Monday, June 1st, 2015, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Via Tribulani Restaurant – Georgetown, WA

Come meet The Dryad and a wonderful group of like minded beings as we discuss how to use the tarot system to see how our personal energy is flowing through our body. Using The Physician’s Spread, a 21-card spread, Grace will show how to use the spread to understand how much we ‘are what we think, feel and do’, and how each of us can shift ourselves; “to be the change we wish to see.”  Be sure to check out our host Todd Rohlsson’s ‘ Living Light Alchemy Designs‘ too!

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NW Psychic Fairs – Millcreek WA

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

10:00am – 5:00pm

Triway Grange Hall, 3509 Seattle Hill Rd, Millcreek 98296

Free parking provided ~ Come see us the 2nd Saturday each month!

Come and meet The Dryad each 2nd Saturday of the month at the Triway Grange Hall in Millcreek. I will be giving Qabalistic tarot readings using the Thoth deck or ask for a Dryadic Blessing Song – singing in the Language of Light Activation.

I will also be bringing unique large-deck size  tarot bags (6.5″ x 10″), fully lined made of 100% cotton, with draw string; mini-coloring books w/crayons; gift cards and mandala coloring sets for meditation complete with easel and coloring pencils. Hope to see you there!

Grace LeFae’


The Dryad Is Back!

great horned owl pixabay - infobarrel-com

The Dryad is back! After some time away for caregiving, I am returning to the great work and sharing the insights and blessings of my craft. I will begin blogging again and sharing awareness and resources to help walking through the upcoming shifts and changes and how best to stay connected to your truth and claim your inheritance as a ‘sovereign being’ in the universe of the ‘now’.


FAIRS: 4/18/15 Mystical Winds Holistic Fair, Everett WA

Come find me at the Mystical Winds Holistic Fair in Everett WA, Saturday April 18th, 2015. I’ll be in booth #38. I am singing in the Language of Light for Dryadic Blessings and offering Tarot readings from a Kabbalistic approach. I will also have some mandala coloring books, artwork, and tarot bags for sale.


Book In Process ~ Tarot Spreads for the New Aeon

Stay tuned for my upcoming book of new spreads for the New Aeon – including the Physician’s Spread – and others related to Kabbalistic work and ways to daily experience the tarot deck to learn about your self. There will also be a spread to reach out to and connect to the Angels of the Tarot.


Using Tarot to augment energy work – The Physician’s Spread

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 @ Lynnwood Meadowdale Workloft

A class on using the Physician’s Spread to augment your energetic healing work will be on held in May as part of the Love-and-Light Community group. My many thanks to Diane Garris for sharing her loft space to hold this class!

This is a 21 card spread designed to THE PHYSICIAN’S SPREAD – (a Kabbalistic tarot spread), is a unique tool for understanding how the energies of an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and passions are impacting their body. This is a 21-card spread offering a look at: the inner/outer approach to their life, their mind/personality process-flow, the five main systems and the five basic regions of the body individually, followed comparison of systems to each region and lastly a Final Awareness Message. These six ways offer insight into a person’s current life-condition/situation and a way to augment any energy-worker’s tool box. A workbooks with the spread and worksheets for notes will accompany the class. Come discover a way to help encourage your clients to “become the change they wish to see.”  Click here for details.
In Infinite Love & Gratitude,
Grace LeFae’

A New Year, a New Perspective


XII - The Hanged ManA New Year, a New Perspective

Learning From Key 12, The Hanged Man (Thoth Deck)

 I don’t write New Year resolutions. I do take a moment to ponder the past year and look forward to see what direction I am headed, smell the air, feel the winds of time in motion and consider the next course of navigation. I also don’t spend hours in front of my television allowing the media to report on current events, as I don’t enjoy scintillating reports of others suffering and sorrows. The media cries, “just in” yet I only see the clamor of repeated conditions and situations wearing new faces and places. I choose to see with my own eyes, and discern with my own mind.

Instead, each year I take time to suspend my current angle of view and seek new angles of perspective. Some of us create lists and affirmations. We promise ourselves less waste and more gain, we devise new disciplines and corrective methods which we line up but let sit, awaiting the perfect moment of application.

The Tarot offers us new perspectives through seventy-eight cards of symbology in various artistic interpretations in which each card is like the little doors of an advent calendar that we open to see the gift underneath; our mission is to willingly and gently with patience, pry open the door and  partake of its iconic image.

Such is the world of the Hanged Man, the pattern breaker through new perspective. This card is of the major arcana, key number twelve and path number twenty-three of the Tree of Life and carries the vibrational intelligence of Stability. It’s color is a deep blue, its sound G#. The number twelve also adds up to three. This is Binah of the supernal triangle, the third Sephira on the Tree of Life. Here is where all life forms are released downward, dangling by the chord of life until she cuts us free.

Once birthed into the new perspective of a fresh form, we begin to paint the story of our life, storyboard by storyboard. Seeking stability we often sacrifice an old perspective for a new one, ever judging and correcting the artwork of our living presence.  And much like turning artwork-in-progress upside down to see the truth of the design, flow and balance, so too does this key show us that through the process of self reversal, we see the world not as our mind expects and wants to see, but as it truly is presented. For in reverse, we must take in what is, identify the pieces and then construct the image for clarity.


In that moment, our mind, our heart, our physical presence is suspended in trance-like silence. Here, like a child, hanging from a tree in trust of the foundational support of life extended, we relax and allow our arms to release their grip and daringly with eyes open, dangle from one leg, crossing the other for balance. In quietude, we ponder, we observe, and through gentle breath we stretch the spine of our own internal tree.

In the Thoth deck, the man hangs from the ‘ankh’ a symbol of limitless living force, available to us at any time and for all needs both spiritual and material. There are no other restrictions, save sacrificing fear and mistrust from the ego into the possibility of gained insight.

This key is also connected to the Threes of the four suites, Cups-Abundance; Wands-Virtue; Disks-the Great Works; and Swords-the great Sorrow of the Great Mother.  The Empress, key number three and path fourteen. She is the Door through the planet Venus in her emerald green presence, singing in F#, representing the Illuminative Intelligence, which comes from new ideas and perspectives. The Hanged Man card reminds us that there are multiple views to all things, and sometimes to move forward we step backwards. Sometimes we must sacrifice through personal effort to gain wisdom and understanding, built through ever-changing perspectives coupled with corrections and adjustments, we expand and evolve our presence gaining continued growth.

As we progress into each new month, each quarterly cycle of the seasons, we need to continually seek new perspectives of our actions, feelings and thoughts. New ideas, are symbolized by the coiled snake below the hanging man as he dips his mind into the formative waters. Here the gifted seeds from the tree fall downward and await release by stirring the energies below, loosening the soil of our psyche allowing the seeds to germinate into opportunity. But to dangle from the tree of our presence requires trust of self, confidence in one’s abilities to right our self when needed and ignore the speculation of others’ judgment. There is no sorrow here, no pity and no anguish. By dipping our head into the cosmic waters of possibility we manifest the change we wish to see through our own effort.

The world is an outward reflection of the whole of human-kind, through the perspective of each individual. Collectively we can change the global perspective of the group consciousness, but each of us must release the past concepts by shifting personal perspective. Whether you squint an eye or tilt the head, the situation in front of us remain; it is we who shift to gain the new insight. Printed word or artwork can be reversed and tilted to various angles, but the world around us requires that we dangle our sight to a new perspective. It is we who construct and deconstruct the consciousness of our reality, and thus, it is we who must redefine the angle from which we view ourselves and each other. Together we must collectively trust each other, lovingly support and nurture our momentary suspension as we share our gained insight through new perspective and work together for the greater whole.

I think I shall find a tree, ask permission to dangle, and maybe she will whisper a secret or two from her perspective.

child in tree - google-foodfamilyfinds-com

foodfamilyfinds-com/Google Images

Honoring the Silence of Empty Space…

Honoring the Silence of Empty Space

source: the sound RAMA, by soundcloud website

source: the sound RAMA, by soundcloud website

At this time of year I usually write about joy, glad tidings and the spirit of warmth for the holidays. This time I would like to challenge each of you to add to your holiday traditions, a moment surrendered to silence to honor what surrounds the fullness of life; empty space. We have passed a new moon, the winter solstice and approach the end of a calendar year. This year has expressed itself at record speed, and record shifts have taken place in and around all of us. Together and separately we have experienced events at home and abroad, and they have filled our minds and hearts with highs and lows, joy and sadness, wonder and despair. But in between these events recorded in the matrix of our collective consciousness, is the sacred inky element; empty space.

Here in the abyss of our universal mother’s infinite womb is the silent space where are all things known and unknown are found. Here we find thought forms left behind, ignored, and passed by during the business of our mundane lives, now in process for recycle and renewal. Shells of events unfinished, books thought closed but the closing line yet unwritten. This is where in revered silence our tears fall, creating pools of reflections in liquid darkness and each pool showing us what we need to remember – to honor where silence gives birth to sound, dark to light, and emptiness to fullness of form.  So here in lies my request.

Before you lift a glass, light a candle or offer a gift, take a breath and be silent. Hold in that moment the measure of what ‘is’ and honor it. Remember the journey taken to be there, to be giving, and loving, to be receiving and honor it. Honor the ‘void’ between cycles, the ‘trans’ before forming; the profoundness of empty space that allows awareness of each event, each new life, each coming and each passing.

We are the sum of our parts. The macrocosm and microcosm; and as such, we must honor the totality of the whole. By honoring the empty space, the silence that resounds loudly the ‘I AM’, we embrace the connecting shadow of our light and the profound power to Be. So take a breath and for just a moment, connect to the emptiness, the silence, and then move forward.


In Gratitude,

    Grace LeFae’

When Towers Crumble and Bridges Fall…



The Tower - Card #17

Tower Card XVI, Thoth Deck



When Bridges Fall and Towers Crumble…

Walking the Path of the Tower Card, Major Arcana – Thoth Deck

The world is walking through an amazing, yet painful and rapid process of healing, renovation and restoration. This involves all of us; the Earth, her children and ‘We the Humans’; the ones who tread where Angels fear to follow. Together yet individually, we must go into the night; the deep jungle of our hearts and minds to unearth the hoarded secrets of the self and set free the skeletons of our past. But this is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for trend or to dust off the ego’s furniture; oh no, this is the deep scouring. This is the reformatting of the hard-drive of our hearts and mind/personality. Here we dump old programs, rewrite the wetware of labels and definitions of all things outside of our self. This my friends is where the rubber meets the road, because this is for the serious trekker. This journey requires a shamanistic dive into the lower realm where the caves are dark, the ground wet and damp. Here you meet the shadows of You and embrace the suffering and sorrows to understand them in order to reconcile and walk again in your inner peace and integrity.

 For this is the TOWER card, number sixteen which rolls into number seven, Netzach the Sephira where we learn Victory. Here is where the sevens of the deck share their knowledge and offer the energetics of learning about Love, Feelings & Instinct, Nature, the Arts and The Group Mind. It actively sends forth the call for work in the Astral Triangle, where we form the thoughts we bring into manifest in the physical realm of Assiah. But it is also the path of PE, with the fiery Mars energy shown in colors of scarlet, orange and yellow, and the black darkness of the North. This path is where you where you find the “gateways of the soul” (The Qabalistic Tarot – Robert Wang). PE means ‘mouth’, the gateway where life enters and death exits. This is where we express our ideas and desires. For words are sounds, and sound shifts frequency. In the card, the all-seeing-eye of Horus perceives all and shines forth its knowledge of awareness while the mouth of PE burns the dross of the unnecessary chafe, leaving the edifying kernels of life giving wheat. These are the building blocks for what will remain as a solid foundation of You. As the tower stands alone, so do each of us, set into the landscape of our choosing, and here we must break down the walls and constructs of what no longer assists us in preparation for the soul’s journey for higher understanding and life experience. Through this process, we become victorious, which means we have walked through trials and tribulations, and we rise again like the phoenix to rebuild the new pyramid that will last well into your future, in strength and empowerment; but only if you are courageous, and honest enough to walk with faith and trust, without the compass of past world definition.

As we each walk through our own ‘dark nights of the soul’, or if you wish, much needed self renovations and restoration, so does the ‘Group Consciousness of Human-kind’. Each of us, are part of the whole, and as such we individually and together chart the course of the whole. Through each of us taking responsibility for our choices to allow old bridges of falsity and imperfections, which we have been struggling to hold together, finally fall into the ruins they belong, we clear the horizon for a new age; a clairsited future. The gilded past of ivory towers and meandering bridges illusions will flicker and fade from our holographic, self-perceived reality game of survival. The old concepts of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual give way to new insights, into the authenticity of the truth of You, covered up beneath the layers of dogma and self-imposed methodology.

The TOWER reminds us that even though the towers tumble and the bridges fall down around us, we are still capable of remaining centered by understanding that the We are not the world, our friends, our family our jobs or what we own. We can’t be them because we observe everything around us; daily. The observer cannot be the observed. Once we release the tether of ‘group consciousness’ and embrace the unique and wondrous inner Sun of our Self, our Solar Self (solar-el, sol-el soul), we can shine forth from the Christ/Buddha center sun of our being. The six pointed center of Tiphareth and of the newness of possibility. This is my dream for each and all of us, together. I accept the challenge of deconstruction to push new life and welcome the fire of the holy spirit to burn away the deadwood, gathered over time; to ignite the flame of inner seeded hope and new growth. I am the Forest and the Tree. And you?


Grace LeFae’

Calling All Cosmic Mariners



The Age of Horus; the next age of awareness and termed the New Age. From fairs, to conferences, book stores to web pages, the past decade plus has resulted in a sea of options, beliefs, institutions and schools. As a result many of you have delved deeply into your selves, cleaned house and lifted your vibrations to include that positive approach that flows and allows for greater manifestation of abundance. But some of you have been caught up in the process and lost site of the purpose of your gifted focus and thus the application thereof. The time is fast approaching when the final shifts of time and space begin to come closer to each other, and thus, the dynamics of shift will be more evident around us.


At first all the changes we experienced were gradual and at a less intense expression. Now, time is speeding up, the cosmic sea of change is fast approaching a tempest of movement to complete the journey charted at the beginning of our cyclic life here on the great celestial being we call Mother Earth. Even she is undergoing her final trimester of rebirth. For you familiar with Tarot, The Tower card is in full expression. And all of life is in full shift, including the great mother, Earth. We feel her heaving breaths, her labor pains, and her mood changes as she prepares to complete her cycle. And it is important that each of us become a midwife to each other’s rebirthing as well as our planet. In this way, we become aware that we as the microcosmic are as much a part of the macrocosmic of the universe and the powerful impact of our presence. We truly are quintessential beings operating on many levels.


We may be fractals of material expression, but there is no atomic separation between the cells in our bodies any more than we are separate from the universe we journey through. Together, we collectively enhance and augment what is, as well as destruct and take from what is. Our collective presence is part and parcel to what drives the speed at which we all travel. Some are along for the ride, kicking and screaming at the speed of change. Others willingly and almost daringly lean into the wind. But many of us have settled down into our comfy placement, repeatedly following a routine. We accept that change is inevitable, but we are not fully in its participation. But are we…for apathy in all its claimed anonymity, is still an energy; albeit one of stagnation. So we often find ourselves at an impasse, wondering why we are still in one place when our thoughts and dreams are far ahead.


Remember, dreams are nothing but energy without motion, they are ideas, and concepts but without the fuel to ‘be’. It is the passion, that fiery ‘lust to be’ that moves mountains of complacency and habit. This is the great work. This is the edge of the Abyss that we lean into without fear or the expectation of result. We must be the change we wish to see, and allow the greater universe, the ‘I AM’ of the Universe, determine the final result. We may be the pen-point that writes the verse, but the ink is the ‘energy that ever was and will ever be, neither created nor destroyed, only transforming.’ And continually transform we must.


Right now the world teeters on the edge of shift. The winds of change are beginning to pick-up and each of us is trying to figure out how best to navigate these swells of inner awareness. It is not enough to baton down the hatches and ride it out, this involves our singular AND our collective consciousness to calm the sea around ourselves so that the ‘all’ we experience is as a whole; strong, focused, and with purpose of reaching a new shore of ‘ourselves’…our personal promised land.


The best mariners will tell you that it isn’t that gadgets that keep you safe, or focused or knowledgeable. It is the depth of connection to the ‘all that is’ that intuits to you the shifts and changes of the sea. Mariners of the old paths could read the ripples of a breeze on the water, the currents’ flow, and chart by the stars and weather patterns. Without technology and manuals of rites and passage, they charted and adjusted when necessary and remained undaunted by the dynamics of the ever changing world around them. They were undefined by their surroundings, and yet clear about themselves. This is how we need to approach our current journey. All the life experience to date has been to prepare each of us for the final sailing into new waters. Many of us have reconnected to the older ways of awareness and willingly sharing our talents of mariner-craft.


Our children are being born with natural navigational charts built deep within, attuned to the currents, tides, weather patterns and sky-charts. They struggle to stay anchored according to the ages of passed down theatrics and belief systems of sailing, and cry out for freedom to sail as they were divinely designed. Keep them safe and sequestered from the desire to tame the truth of their being for they are the next mariners.


As we continue forward into the days and months of our cosmic journey, take time to hold each other’s hand, look deeply into each other’s eyes and connect from the heart of understanding, non-judgmental and with honest acceptance. Offer insight when asked, and distance when not, as each of us run through our check-lists of preparations and continued cyclic lessons. We must not deny the consequences of a person’s choices, but we can be ready to hold out a hand when asked. And always express from your being the love that is the total energy of the universe. It is the construct of our being that was thrust forth in expression when the first source became aware of its presence, and shouted across the void ‘I AM’. And now each of us can equivocally state our own ‘I AM ME’. Each of us a Solar-El (soul), a Sun of the first Sun of divine and holy light. Claim your inheritance and sail forth in the joy of who you are, and collectively in the positivity of being. There is no other frequency like you. No other combination of light that shines forth as you do. Honor your journey and you honor others. Together we sail into the New World, mariners of the spirit, and collectively the chosen children of the great Source how birthed us to experience alongside us eternally.


May your Polar Star guide you from within,

       Grace LeFae’

Storm Walking….

photo by Benjamin Von Wong


I don’t know about any of you in your life experience walk, but there are so many who are suffering through some serious life storms. Whether by conscious choice, friendly or familial connections, or through the connections of chance, we meet and see others with heavy hearts and saddened eyes. This is in part due to what we are collectively are walking through, but also what each of us are reaching for individually.

There is a universal symphony in play that is energetically in motion. Each movement, each crescendo followed by the lull of soft sounds, creates and weaves the newness of what is to come for us all. This also means that those of us, striving for a higher understanding of connection, purpose, and depth of heart and soul, are now an instrument in this great symphony of sound and magic. Those of you who knowingly reach for the stars and planets, are watching the movements and charting the ebb and flow of energies for the rest of us sailing this cosmic sea of life. Some of you are listening to the subtle complex language of the soul. Whether by angelic, galactic or earthly, these sounds, colors and insights are keenly offering guidance in unique ways.  But how do we help those, who don’t have this unique understanding of the stars, elements, and means of magical divination?

This is the heart of my message. I too am walking through a series of storms, of which I am constantly dropping anchor to find focus, and once grounded and aware of my surroundings, I can chart the next choice of action. Whether to lilt along or drum harder, I feel better attuned to what is happening around me and lucky at the same time. But there are others I know who are struggling and in despair. How do you help these people, those who you meet briefly? By being the lantern of hope and focus in your own life.

It is not for us to deny another of their choice consequences. Each storm we weather, each journey we make, offers us valuable lessons for future journeying. For you Shamans out there, I know you understand this metaphor. It hurts to see so much suffering, but unless we are asked for assistance, we are denying them the right to own their experience. This is entirely separate from the support and loving presence one can offer. Much like watching a child playing and knowing the next event is a bump on the head or scraped knee, you allow the opportunity of knowledge to be ‘experienced’, rather than teaching fear of falling or fear of experience.

Does this mean someone physically suffering from an ailment should not be healed? Au contraire’, it means that you can walk with them but not for them. You can hold the umbrella, but not keep them out or away from a storm. It can be heart breaking to watch someone traverse chasms of experience in stormy weather, but they become wizened by their experience and may even offer some unique tips of storm walking.

So, to bring this full circle – this month is about to transition into August, the month of finishing off the pregnancy of the summer, and sidling up to September where harvest is finished and the sap slows going into October. Here we finish a quarter and prepare for the next Equinox. Another ‘super’ moon is coming also (did you get your abundance check written). This is a powerful time and the push and pull of energies is going to increase the level of energetic activity. What doesn’t work will be washed away in preparation for what will work. Those of you who are weathering current storms, batten down the hatches and apply a heavy dose of mirth and all will be well. For those that don’t have the skill sets you do, show them by example the ability to be calm, focused, grounded and why mirth is key to both healing and spiritual sailing. Love and light transcend all boundaries, and it shines forth by example. Be the beacon of light in the storm. A lighthouse doesn’t go out and rescue, but it meets its purpose by remaining steadily focused on being true to itself, shining forth consistently, and offering sighs of relief that there is indeed someone out there besides the vessel weathering the storm. Be the light house in the human lighthouse, mobile, loving, and shining forth from the deepest heart and soul of who you are.  You may change the life of someone by random kindness. I did. I found about it much later, but it was just by being there, not judging, and not saving or healing them. They did it on their own; and it was wonderful.

Be the light you are ~ let it shine forth from all you are.

Ho’pono pono link ~ About purpose, and shining forth your love.

Grace LeFae’



See You At The Fair!

A Wild Dryad is being sponsored by Athea Arts, for the upcoming July 26th, 2014 EXPO, sponsored by the Boeing Employee Parapsychology Club (BEPC). This is a wonderful event. The non-profit BEPC provides networking and products and services provided by amazing people dedicated to alternative theories and practices of healing and parapsychology. This organization has been around for 30 years, and has provided events and classes in this arena of learning.

If you have interests in Cymatics, Sacred Geometry, Auras, Wiccan & Druidic practices, along with  Tarot and natural health and healing services, this is the place to visit. Come see us at the  CONSCIOUS WELLNESS EXPO!

Boeing Employees Parapsychology Club – CONSCIOUS WELNESS EXPO

Kent Commons – 525 Fourth Avenue N., Kent, WA 98042

10:00am to 4:00pm           visit:


photo from DeMilked website

photo from DeMilked website

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating Grass

Today I finished reading a short, but wonderful book titled, “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating“, by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. I’m not going to retell the story, but I will tell you this, it’s an amazing and honest journey of a woman’s ability to move forward in her life, aided by her observations of the small snail living in a pot of violets at her bedside. It sounds simple, but the most simple things in life can become the most moving and life changing if we truthfully open ourselves to them.

Which brings me to today’s post. Most of us move about the planet under a set of required tasks, expected events and self-imposed routines. And each day we make choices that steer out boats about the cosmic sea according to our whims and wishes. Sometimes, life brings a storm that causes us to stop a moment and re-examine our lives and what we have placed value on and what we have set aside. But most of us have few interruptions that forces us to rewrite our course to stay or change.

The wild snail in the book is very adaptable. It does what it needs to survive with little thought on the why and where of the cause; only that a change is required. Humans on the other hand, we love to expound on the why and share theories of what should have happened, could have happened, and then…what if; but not necessarily to make a change. We do love to advise though. Even if we have nary an understanding of the source of the situation, but we have great imagination and thus, we can create a solution. Which is why it is such a trial and error life. I digress. My point is if a snail can not be worked up over being moved to a new location, with no idea for food and sustenance and yet, and yet, manage to figure it out without drama, why can’t we?
Meditation, praying, retreats and moments of reclusiveness all have one thing in common; a chance to be quiet. To still the mind, to become mind-less. This is what the book brought to my attention. To hear a wild snail eating, can’t happen with the television or radio on. It can’t happen with an iPod or cell phone in use. It happens when we slow down long enough for the outside world to be heard in the subtle layers of sound and movement. It’s amazing when you think about it. So my challenge to you is, if you had a chance to slow down long enough to hear something so subtle as a snail eating, what would you listen for? And how long would you be willing to wait, to let all the chatter cease to be able to hear it? Think about it. I did. ~ Grace

The Dance of Light on Water~

Light is amazing. It illuminates the unseen, comforts us when in shadow. It prisms into a magnificence of colors. It twinkles in constellations across distances of space. And it dances on water.

While traveling across water via a Ferry, I watched the continual reflections of the sun light on the soft ripples of the water. I was mesmerized by its solid and rolling feel, and yet, the light lifted it and made the motions like a dance of movement. I was lost in a moment of time. And I thought about how we scurry around our day and night, tethered by devices and schedules. Obligations whether real or perceived, dictating the time we have to stop and notice simple things – like sun light dancing on water.

Most of us will notice and say, ah…how nice. And then we turn and focus on the next thing that our mind has determined important. I think we are all the lights that dance on the water. The shifting, rolling, movement from one ripple to another and inter-playing with each other. The water supports us, lifts and drops us to allow the myriad of shapes and brightness of reflections created. In the sea of life, we the dancing light, create collectively the pictures, moment by moment; part of the whole and yet individual. What do you see? ~ Grace LeFae’