My Personal Oubliette

The_Oubliette villians_wikia_comEach of us has a place where we push into hiding, something about ourselves. Here we place our skeletons, covet our gold pieces and label them ‘precious’; our personal Arkenstone. It is also our personal conflict of the inner sanctum of the Me. We become Smaug to our secrets and create that discord we hope no one will hear in our song; after all we must always show a proper face to the world. After time passes, we often forget these buried bits of self that is until we begin the alchemical process of becoming The Philosopher’s Stone.

Smaug-The-Dragon-smaug-the-dragon-34600266-500-322 fanpop

By this time, we have built an elaborate Labyrinth of twists and turns to hide these hidden gems, treasures of the deeper-self, now coated in masks of imagery so that we no longer recognize the core of the pearl we hold so dear in our eyes. Those grains of life-sand that so irritated, hurt, and shamed us, that caused discord in our life, now lie hidden by the opalescence of reflected light.

During some of my recent self-work, I reluctantly but still spiritually dumpster-dived into the depth of my arcane past, found some forgotten parts-of-the-self. I encountered in my oubliette, a French word for where we put things to forget, and found things I believed no longer existed and was unwilling to accept as belonging to the woman I have become; because one of the hardest things to embrace is our frailties, our errors and our mistruths.

your-shadow ardentlight_comAs we each delve deeper into ourselves, we not only heal the you of You, but the collective consciousness of the life-experience you have lived up to now. For those that embrace past-life experience, what we have been carrying along as inner wisdom, can be in truth our inner errors; false gold and fake pearls we call treasures. Those past lives that seem so cool and exciting to discover, may in truth be the gained wisdom of our missteps, results of unspeakable choices and painful experiences.

In order to continue our quest for our personal holy-Grael, we soon learn that we must change the world from the inside, to ‘be the change we wish to see.’ It has taken years and life-times to build my treasure kingdom, and it has been a painful yet rewarding experience to open each closet to remove those skeletons, sweep the cobwebs and let in the light of understanding. Each hidden realm and dungeon I encounter a dragon that hordes, an oubliette that seems empty until I shine my light to find tattered tales, false beliefs, masks of misperceptions and least expected, that which causes my deepest fear, my fallibility. Here is where I found my connection to all is no different than any other Mystical_lovers_journey tumblr red-blood-pathwaybeing, we are all one great light of presence, already connected to the whole I call Source. And that my life experience is just that, an experience; a role my Soul chose for this life experience. Each person is another way to be me, for in truth, many of you are experiencing roles I have already experienced, albeit I did it my way, through my own method of experience. And my fears are the amalgamation of all that society, culture, family and peers have imprinted upon my memory from their own suffering and sorrows; misery loves company, after all.

So, as I continue to open closets, raise my lantern to the level of my eye and I walk from one dungeon to the next and peer into each oubliette, I challenge my Soul to reveal each hidden bauble of falsity and fear I have hidden deep within so that I face my shadow, shine my light, and expand my presence. To be the Philosopher’s Stone requires patience with the alchemical process, willingness to surrender to truth, and no longer hold precious the masks we wear for our life-experience role. It is our Soul that set the stage, wrote the play, and continues to direct the story; that is if we are willing to surrender to the bigger picture instead of the line-by-line details our ego craves to act upon the stage it sees.

May you find your personal oubliettes, shine your light bright, face your shadows and embrace your role with the gusto your Soul hired you to play.


Learning to Mobius – The Dance of Life’s Twist and Turns


Möbius by Corina Marinescu

In a previous post I discussed that we all need to honor our personal dance; no matter what it looks like, feels like or how others choose to interpret our dance. But our dance is dynamic and not static; because it is our personal life experience.

You probably know the Möbius as the Möbius Strip, a strip of flat paper, that when you connect the two ends, you twist one side mobius strip flatso it looks like the image to the left (pulled from Google Images). If you create this, (its fun and easy), you will note how your finger will follow one side – say the inner side – and then flow over onto the other or outer side. This creates an endless flow of available action. This is our life dance until the Möbius strip fails, or in essence, we die.


The truth is our life experience is much more dimensional, life the image at the top of the post. If you go to this site: https://plus.google.com/collection/IY8YX , you can multiple versions of sacred math in action, including Corina’s Moebius actively flowing. This is how we shift and adjust as we dance through our life. But it is more than that, because our life is also about choices. We can choose to follow the flow as our life twists and turns, we could choose to turn and walk the other way and not follow the flow. Or, we could decide to sit and stay put while our life moves around us, which is usually what makes us feel out of control and topsy-turvy.

Some consider the Möbius as a lead/follow image; on one side it appears that the ants are following and yet the other they aremobius ants by escher leading. Paradoxically, this perspective is accurate; we both lead and follow when we make choices and when we dance our life experience. But the trick is to ‘know’ when we lead and when we follow. If we don’t, our dance becomes one or the other. To follow only is to give away our self-authority. To lead only, is to take self-authority from others, to control and be less compassionate. Our personal dance must be the dance of both, because we are co-creating with others as we all share our personal dance experience.

Now, because we are all made up of energy, our dance is electric and expressive, which is why when we don’t express or flow, things begin to build up until a required expression explodes forth; consider it a forced spin of our personal Möbius. We are designed to move, flow and express. To dance! To move! To feel!

Which brings me to the multiple openings in the image at the top of the post. Consider these windows that others look into and we look out. Our dance, in its wondrous Moebius flow, allows both us and others to see and experience the complex and varied sides of our presence. These windows are the lattice-work of our personal pattern, no two patterns are alike, because no two Moebius are made alike. These open windows that show the patterns of the expressive sharing of our presence, are also what allows us to be flexible and our energies to flow in and around and through our presence.

Each of us dances to our own flow and it shows in the fabric of our energetic pattern. This also means that when we choose to make foundational shifts in our presence, it actually shifts the foundation of our presence. So when someone says to us, ‘…you seem different’ or ‘you’ve changed’, You Have! And it allows the vibration of you to flow differently.

We keep hearing of ascension, but we are the ‘hard spark’ of the First Source, which means we ‘chips off the first block’ of Presence. So in reality, we aren’t ascending, but the prodigal child returning home. We are just remembering the path back home, but with a twist (oh no, that Moebius thing again), we are ascending our physical pattern as we return home. It’s a gift to First Source so that collectively (after all First Source is directly connected to and experiences through us), First Source has a wondrous Moebius of patterned form to dance through too. We may all be individual Moebius patterns, but we collectively now make a group Möbius, which when we all learn to dance our personal dance, allows us to fit and complete the big Moebius of the First Source; to create the grand dance of Spirit.

So, are you on the self-reflective inner path, or the sharing and expressive path on the outer side? Are you twisting and flowing to your own energetic vibration, while collectively sharing and raising the vibratory dance of the whole? What does your Moebius look like?

Grace Sequoia

Come Meet the Dryad…

SHOE Cartoon - Aura Reading

Cartoon “SHOE” 1-14-15

Cosmic Café, A Metaphysical Nightclub

Monday, June 1st, 2015, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Via Tribulani Restaurant – Georgetown, WA

Come meet The Dryad and a wonderful group of like minded beings as we discuss how to use the tarot system to see how our personal energy is flowing through our body. Using The Physician’s Spread, a 21-card spread, Grace will show how to use the spread to understand how much we ‘are what we think, feel and do’, and how each of us can shift ourselves; “to be the change we wish to see.”  Be sure to check out our host Todd Rohlsson’s ‘ Living Light Alchemy Designs‘ too!

Click on the light blue text-links for more info


Click the tree to find me!

NW Psychic Fairs – Millcreek WA

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

10:00am – 5:00pm

Triway Grange Hall, 3509 Seattle Hill Rd, Millcreek 98296

Free parking provided ~ Come see us the 2nd Saturday each month!

Come and meet The Dryad each 2nd Saturday of the month at the Triway Grange Hall in Millcreek. I will be giving Qabalistic tarot readings using the Thoth deck or ask for a Dryadic Blessing Song – singing in the Language of Light Activation.

I will also be bringing unique large-deck size  tarot bags (6.5″ x 10″), fully lined made of 100% cotton, with draw string; mini-coloring books w/crayons; gift cards and mandala coloring sets for meditation complete with easel and coloring pencils. Hope to see you there!

Grace LeFae’

The Dryad Is Back!

great horned owl pixabay - infobarrel-com

The Dryad is back! After some time away for caregiving, I am returning to the great work and sharing the insights and blessings of my craft. I will begin blogging again and sharing awareness and resources to help walking through the upcoming shifts and changes and how best to stay connected to your truth and claim your inheritance as a ‘sovereign being’ in the universe of the ‘now’.


FAIRS: 4/18/15 Mystical Winds Holistic Fair, Everett WA

Come find me at the Mystical Winds Holistic Fair in Everett WA, Saturday April 18th, 2015. I’ll be in booth #38. I am singing in the Language of Light for Dryadic Blessings and offering Tarot readings from a Kabbalistic approach. I will also have some mandala coloring books, artwork, and tarot bags for sale.


Book In Process ~ Tarot Spreads for the New Aeon

Stay tuned for my upcoming book of new spreads for the New Aeon – including the Physician’s Spread – and others related to Kabbalistic work and ways to daily experience the tarot deck to learn about your self. There will also be a spread to reach out to and connect to the Angels of the Tarot.


Using Tarot to augment energy work – The Physician’s Spread

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 @ Lynnwood Meadowdale Workloft

A class on using the Physician’s Spread to augment your energetic healing work will be on held in May as part of the Love-and-Light Community group. My many thanks to Diane Garris for sharing her loft space to hold this class!

This is a 21 card spread designed to THE PHYSICIAN’S SPREAD – (a Kabbalistic tarot spread), is a unique tool for understanding how the energies of an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and passions are impacting their body. This is a 21-card spread offering a look at: the inner/outer approach to their life, their mind/personality process-flow, the five main systems and the five basic regions of the body individually, followed comparison of systems to each region and lastly a Final Awareness Message. These six ways offer insight into a person’s current life-condition/situation and a way to augment any energy-worker’s tool box. A workbooks with the spread and worksheets for notes will accompany the class. Come discover a way to help encourage your clients to “become the change they wish to see.”  Click here for details.
In Infinite Love & Gratitude,
Grace LeFae’

The Dance of Light on Water~

Light is amazing. It illuminates the unseen, comforts us when in shadow. It prisms into a magnificence of colors. It twinkles in constellations across distances of space. And it dances on water.

While traveling across water via a Ferry, I watched the continual reflections of the sun light on the soft ripples of the water. I was mesmerized by its solid and rolling feel, and yet, the light lifted it and made the motions like a dance of movement. I was lost in a moment of time. And I thought about how we scurry around our day and night, tethered by devices and schedules. Obligations whether real or perceived, dictating the time we have to stop and notice simple things – like sun light dancing on water.

Most of us will notice and say, ah…how nice. And then we turn and focus on the next thing that our mind has determined important. I think we are all the lights that dance on the water. The shifting, rolling, movement from one ripple to another and inter-playing with each other. The water supports us, lifts and drops us to allow the myriad of shapes and brightness of reflections created. In the sea of life, we the dancing light, create collectively the pictures, moment by moment; part of the whole and yet individual. What do you see? ~ Grace LeFae’