The Giving of Thanks, Includes For-Giving

The Giving of Thanks, Includes For-Giving

This is the givethanks-amazingkidsllcfirst holiday without family and friends. The loss of a lover last year and the anniversary of my mom’s passing has brought me to this moment of realization; thankfulness and forgiveness.

Each of us experiences during the year the wondrous giving from friends, family and even strangers. You know, that much-needed smile from the grocery clerk, the playful wink from the barista, the gift of a free coffee from someone you don’t know for up-righting the latte stand’s sign. All of these events fill me up with a connectedness busdriverdan-noteto my fellow beings. And yesterday, in the pet food store, I turned to see a wiry-haired pup share a canine smile. We are surrounded by reasons to receive and accept the thanks for being in the universe as well as those that we share for and with others. But this is also a time for a giving we often forget; For-Giving.

Throughout the year we are transgressed upon and transgress on others; the Earth and our cohabitants, you know those human and non-human. When we are feeling unthankful, we shun or turn our backs; we back-give our presence. To for-give is to turn around and show face, to forward give our presence. This is the gift our pioneers received during their traverse across this continent from those that had built a life and knowing of the land; the Indigenous. The first meal of shared food and insights offered new hope and carried them forward into the next seasonal cycle.

It is important that we appreciate all that the year has given us; both the highs and the lows. For this is how we see the journey and archive the learned skill-sets we have gained. This is how we met strangers, learned to trust the inner compass more, or even discovered that we are built for tougher seas than ever imagined. reaching-to-help-preteenministry-net

The upcoming shifts and changes that are the confirmation of the next phase of the universe spiraling ever forward and upward, will bring highs and lows. Now is the time to look back and thank that barista, grocery clerk, to toast all those that rescued those in need, whether human or not.

Now is the time to be thankful we live in a time of people reaching out to help each other across the expanses of land and sea. Now is a time to review our past transgressions to others as well as those received and ‘for-give’. Now is the time to cease the judgement, release them from the imagined mental and emotional prisons we placed them in thinking that this would resolve our pain and sorrow. Now is the time to realize that it takes all of us to heal and uplift all of us. Each of us by forgiving and thanking both ourselves, our friends, our families and those strangers that we don’t understand their actions or pain, is the amazing magic of an ancient prayer called Hooponopono, when we do it with love and without judgement. For love is what allows us to evolve.

It’s goodearth-man-handshake-thinklink to share food and time with each other. It is wonderful to be thankful that loved ones that were overseas are able to return home. For when one of us suffers, we all suffer. We are all connected by that great spiral of growth and expansion gift us by Source. And it is this connection that we can ripple our intentions to heal, help, and hinder; it’s up to each of us to hold awareness of our actions.

So as you gather, and prepare to hunt-and-gather (that predator shopping ritual), remember that this annual event is one of the closing events of the year; when we give thanks for what we received. But lets complete the circle to add for-give, to turn, turn, turn around and give-thanks forward again to ourselves and others. It breaks the karmic tension, turns the wheel of fortune, and opens our hearts to love again, heal again and receive again. For when we shun each other, we cannot receive from each other. Now is the time to be full-of-thanks, for all, by all, and in hope and love.

Photo: Google Images Sodahead.com/Gaia

Photo: Google Images

I thank you for reading this blog over the past year.

I thank those that bypassed it for others.

And I thank the internet for challenging my efforts to share, yet continuing to be here that I may share.

Grace Sequoia ~ A Wild Dryad, In Service to Spirit


My Personal Oubliette

The_Oubliette villians_wikia_comEach of us has a place where we push into hiding, something about ourselves. Here we place our skeletons, covet our gold pieces and label them ‘precious’; our personal Arkenstone. It is also our personal conflict of the inner sanctum of the Me. We become Smaug to our secrets and create that discord we hope no one will hear in our song; after all we must always show a proper face to the world. After time passes, we often forget these buried bits of self that is until we begin the alchemical process of becoming The Philosopher’s Stone.

Smaug-The-Dragon-smaug-the-dragon-34600266-500-322 fanpop

By this time, we have built an elaborate Labyrinth of twists and turns to hide these hidden gems, treasures of the deeper-self, now coated in masks of imagery so that we no longer recognize the core of the pearl we hold so dear in our eyes. Those grains of life-sand that so irritated, hurt, and shamed us, that caused discord in our life, now lie hidden by the opalescence of reflected light.

During some of my recent self-work, I reluctantly but still spiritually dumpster-dived into the depth of my arcane past, found some forgotten parts-of-the-self. I encountered in my oubliette, a French word for where we put things to forget, and found things I believed no longer existed and was unwilling to accept as belonging to the woman I have become; because one of the hardest things to embrace is our frailties, our errors and our mistruths.

your-shadow ardentlight_comAs we each delve deeper into ourselves, we not only heal the you of You, but the collective consciousness of the life-experience you have lived up to now. For those that embrace past-life experience, what we have been carrying along as inner wisdom, can be in truth our inner errors; false gold and fake pearls we call treasures. Those past lives that seem so cool and exciting to discover, may in truth be the gained wisdom of our missteps, results of unspeakable choices and painful experiences.

In order to continue our quest for our personal holy-Grael, we soon learn that we must change the world from the inside, to ‘be the change we wish to see.’ It has taken years and life-times to build my treasure kingdom, and it has been a painful yet rewarding experience to open each closet to remove those skeletons, sweep the cobwebs and let in the light of understanding. Each hidden realm and dungeon I encounter a dragon that hordes, an oubliette that seems empty until I shine my light to find tattered tales, false beliefs, masks of misperceptions and least expected, that which causes my deepest fear, my fallibility. Here is where I found my connection to all is no different than any other Mystical_lovers_journey tumblr red-blood-pathwaybeing, we are all one great light of presence, already connected to the whole I call Source. And that my life experience is just that, an experience; a role my Soul chose for this life experience. Each person is another way to be me, for in truth, many of you are experiencing roles I have already experienced, albeit I did it my way, through my own method of experience. And my fears are the amalgamation of all that society, culture, family and peers have imprinted upon my memory from their own suffering and sorrows; misery loves company, after all.

So, as I continue to open closets, raise my lantern to the level of my eye and I walk from one dungeon to the next and peer into each oubliette, I challenge my Soul to reveal each hidden bauble of falsity and fear I have hidden deep within so that I face my shadow, shine my light, and expand my presence. To be the Philosopher’s Stone requires patience with the alchemical process, willingness to surrender to truth, and no longer hold precious the masks we wear for our life-experience role. It is our Soul that set the stage, wrote the play, and continues to direct the story; that is if we are willing to surrender to the bigger picture instead of the line-by-line details our ego craves to act upon the stage it sees.

May you find your personal oubliettes, shine your light bright, face your shadows and embrace your role with the gusto your Soul hired you to play.

Imbolc, The Rise & Stirring of the Tarot Princesses

The Quickening of the Year

The Rise and Stirring of the Tarot Princesses

Art by WarwickGoble; Google image from 'teachmetarot.wordpress.com'

Art by WarwickGoble; Google image from ‘teachmetarot.wordpress.com’

Many of my friends will soon be celebrating Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, at the end of January and the beginning of February. The next equinox is approaching and the Earth, our celestial Mother, is beginning to awaken from her dark slumber. Her fiery husband is courting her with ever increasing warmth of light and love; stirring her, quickening her heart beat, and bringing her flow into fullness. She spreads open her presence to receive and we join in the divine dance through ritual whether ancient or not.

Winter is often referred to as the ‘crone’ period, where our lives become quiet and we go deep within to listen to the experiences of the past year, dream of the upcoming year and honor the presence of friends and family still with us. The winter is the time when the veils are thinnest, when we release the old and many choose to exit this realm to return to our true home with First Source. The vacuum of winter pulls on all that can no longer remain tethered to the Self and its connection to Earth. Winter’s grip is tight, cold and we see the severity of Geburah, but pray for the mercy of Chesed. The quickening of light and warmth is when the snow begins to recede showing us the first signs of the promise of spring; the time of the maiden. This is the splendor of Hod and victory of survival in Netzach.

Princess of Disks

Princess of Disks

In Tarot this time of year is represented by a rising of the four Princesses of the Elements of the human psyche. In the Thoth deck, the Princess of Disks is pregnant with the seed of promise, the assurance that our Mother will again warm her daughter’s womb in preparation for bearing fruit through our labors.

Princess of Wands

Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands rides the fiery current of the warming fire sent from deep within our Mother’s heart, the quickening of the serpent fire to prepare her daughters for divine courtship and the Great Rite to follow. It is she that invokes, she that holds the wand in her authority of her Mother, and she that pushes life forward.

Princess Cups

Princess Cups

The Princess of Cups is dressed in her finest gown of sensual crystalline weave. She reweaves the old into the new while correcting any errors remaining from the past year. She is fluid and feeling everything all around her but not controlled by it; she rules her feelings and emotes only what is the truth of her feelings.

Princess of Swords

Princess of Swords

The Princess of Swords rises forth to apply her sword of understanding removing the thoughts that will no longer serve the divine Self in our journey to understand the divine architecture of our expanding and evolving presence. Together, these four act under the direction of the Great Mother. They are soon to be courted by their magical matches, the Divine Princes, riding downward from their fiery house of the Sun and acting their part to complete the divine marriage of sun and moon, dark and light, anima and animus; the two serpents rising around the maypole of the Divine Sword of our Spine and joining our Mother and Father in the divine presence of I AM. All in preparation for the renewed cycle of opening and expanding, all that is on this plane we call home.

Now is the time we clean up the wintery dust of stale thoughts, feelings and emotions. We open the windows and doors to welcome in fresh air, set fire to the old remnants we find buried and hidden in closets; things we coveted but no longer call to us as hoarded thoughts and feelings. We gather to dance around the fire in gratitude and bliss; preparing for the gush of fecund gifts to come forth to all who prepare.

In the next week, take time to recognize the process it takes for food to adorn your table, fire to warm your hearth, and the physical temple your Soul uses as its personal Avatar. Honor your bodies with cleansing baths, scented and energetically clearing. Clean the home and hearth to call forth new energy and begin a new cycle of experience. Eat foods the encourage health like blackberries (the darker the color means it is full of antioxidants and Vitamin K), anything with ginger to get the blood going and assist inner energies to get moving, and if you are feeling the need for a taste of the fresh fullness of new life, eat cheese from ewe’s milk.

Photo: Google Images Sodahead.com/Gaia

Photo: Google Images

When you throw a tarot spread, ask ‘Show me what remains hidden and needs to be released.” Call forth the maidens of the tarot for assistance to feel, understand, impassion and fill your presence with the seeds of a new year’s opportunities. See them as the sensual and magical maidens of change and growth; but beware of what you ask. They each manifest under divine authority of each Queen of the deck and the Great Empress, who reflects the knowing from the Divine First Mother. Keep your heart true to your divine Self; sovereign and without limits, be mindful of that which you agree to, or surrender to, from the outside of integrity of You.

Grace Sequoia

The Magical Presence of “SEED” – The 4 Aces and Their Connection to the Seed of Earth

The Majestic and Magical Presence of “SEED”

The 4 Aces and Their Connection to the Seed of Earth

Each of us came from seed. We are the alchemy of two polarities conjoined in a divine dance, forming an amazing



awareness that expresses the bestowement of presence gifted by the Source of all Life. Within our form we carry the majestic ‘star-fire’ that propels us forward to Be. This is our Magic; we are Magi, but we are not all acting as Magi. Some of us have lifted our eyes upward and forgotten the ground from which we burst forth. And in doing so, we hold the heavens as absolute, denying the very soil that holds us and supports us. There cannot be one without the other.

In each seed – any seed – is the total knowing of the universal blueprint of the All. It holds the entire library of what is possible, and yet, by divine province the outcome is not all the same. No flower, leaf, root, hand, foot, eye or anything is an exact duplicate. The fractal of expression may appear similar but it cannot repeat in exactness. This too is by divine choice; exact replication is to be held in a closed circuit, without new breath or expression; it is death without rebirth. When we covet outside of our Self, when we claim ownership of another’s divine presence of anything around us, we cut the cord of connection and begin the begetting of withering; it is a slow corruption of form and function.

A seed carries within itself the ‘Will to Be’. It does not consider the destination, only the expression. For you and me this is the journey without concern for the destination. And before you can object by stating that goals are key to meeting deadlines, benchmarks and such, this concept of the journey exceeds the ‘mundane’ activities of your mental approach to life; for the mundane is the small “i” of “LIFE”.

Deep within each seed is the quiet roar of LIFE. It merely needs to awaken, and upon wakening, it hums and dances within its shell expanding till at the optimum time it breaks through its shell and raises its head into a world unseen till it’s ‘now’. This is our journey too. Each of us a seed awaiting that spark of fire to burst forth like a nova star hurtling us into an immense orchestration of creative activity. Once we state I AM to the universe the journey is in full motion. This brings me to current trend and Tarot – yes, this is a blog after all; the Aces and Seed technology.

In Tarot is the accumulated knowledge systems, shown through symbols, of centuries of studies and experience. Although tied to mythologies, science and art, they hold keys to our psyche that assist us in our journey from seedling to flowering, conception and fruition (either by shared gifts or physically). Where upon our final travels we release our oars and surrender to the current of LIFE and are pulled back into the womb of our Celestial Mother, Earth. She is an open womb, ever accepting of seed and pushing life upward from the folds of deep within to nurture all willing to partake of her.

The four Aces are the seeds of total potential, artistically presented for the four suits: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each suit corresponds to the four parts of our psyche, our personal trinity and the realm we walk: Spirit/Passion, Heart/Emotion, Mind/Thought and Form-Function/Presence. The fifth element is the unseen tether to the other side of the mirror, our Solar Elohim or SoEl, Soul. We are the little gods of the Big God. As such we are all potential on all realms, the cosmic brats of our universe. But it is our journey that truly shines the artistry of our painted canvas; this is our ‘Tree of Life Reflection’ to the gifted ‘Tree of Life’.

We are total mind, emotion, want and presence when we are born, but we have no direction at first. We grow according to our physical blue-print, but our mind, built of two hemispheres of wisdom, that over time build the bridges of understanding between into the great hall of consideration; this is what we use to express our I AM. Some build bridges more from the left – the laws of form and function, structure and within the lines and some more from the right, open and airy, abstract and outside of the box. Which are you? Our goal is to build bridges from both sides to the Great Dance Hall, where all knowing meets and coalesces into a knowing embracing all potential expression.

While the aces reflect particular suits, they cannot be separated any more than you can separate a yolk from its sack or the shell. Each is a unique part of the whole, the sum of its parts. An egg is a seed ready for the divine spark to breathe Life into it; which also brings me to Seed technology.

pinterest: the-elegant universe-tumbler

pinterest: the-elegant universe-tumbler

 The recent fights against GMO activity have value. But remember that husbandry whether of plant or animal is also a type of GMO work. The difference being that through ‘conscious’ husbandry/farming the cycles are honored and we work with the Earth and not against Her. When any entity, whether on paper (corporations) or individuals lay claim and ownership to patent a creative process, we have forgotten our partnership with Earth. When we take a seed and create built-in death (sterility), we deny seed ‘knowledge’ to be expressed.

More and more of us are beginning to see the world as a sentient Being, intelligent and expressive, and hear her call to help her remain a divine mother in control of her fertility rights. No one can claim the right to control another’s life experience. Each seed, whether the Aces we use to rebirth and renew our mind, heart, body and spirit or the one we consciously plant to partake of and allow Her to renew and rebirth her forms, has sovereign rights; all of which we should honor. The only reason to hold patent or claim is for profit and bragging rights.

When we use the Tarot deck for divination, we are asking for keys that show our psyche which doors to open, which paths to walk and the map of our activities (for some of us … our ‘mischief management’). We open channels of communication as we stand before the magical mirror of Self and hold dialogue. As we do this we should also remember our agreement to be stewards for Her rights of Self presence. Together we have a place for our divine journey, to travel the Tree of Life, from Aces to Tens and back again. She is only asking for the same. When we destroy her forests we are slowly lobotomizing her archival mind, when we gouge her lands without replacement of exchange we are starving her; and how we treat our bodies is energetically reflected back to Her.

Each time you pull and Ace card to skrye or it appears in a spread, take note; this is the Divine Seed of total potential and awaits your direction, discernment and conscious action. The Holy Grael is the Ace of Cups, the flowing waters of her love. The Ace of Wands the Solar Fire of her Husband the Sun which she embraces, holds to her heart and uses to push Life. The Ace of Swords is the truth of her mind, the balance of severity and compassion for all her children that walk her belly and push outward from her womb. The Ace of Disks (Coins/Pentacles) is the Magic (Magi Creating) card of all elements in action. The womb needs her seeds to be watered, warmed and breathing in nurturing soil to anchor presence.

Sagasrara artwork - pinterest 1

Sagasrara artwork – pinterest 1

The next time you plant in your garden, consider the source of that plant’s seed. It could have been anything before it burst forth into the sunshine and then became what you now see before you. What are you planting in your life? What are you eating? Do you care what seeds you plant in your Life and Garden. When was the last time you touched a plant flower and saw her womb open and vulnerable? How much have you delved into the center of a seed, whether the Self or Garden and saw the majesty and magic of its presence; the divine feminine looking back at you. These are the Aces of the first Source reflected on Earth. They are not to be taken lightly and hold great power. We must not covet the Aces to harness or cage their raw power; but rather respect them for their divine presence, and know they are what expand our journey into the Abundance and Magic of our Being Alive.

Grace Sequoia

IAM – Au Courant

IAM Au Courant photo source: http://www.lauragraceweldon.com (see also – shortgreenpigg.deviantart.com)

Some meditations bring questions,  some answers,

or, this morning, while sitting under twin-cedars, this.

I call this post Au Courant.

What would you call it, and why? 


Scene: 7:17am, 67 degrees,

beneath two 50-year-old Cedar trees named “The Sisters”

I breath in…out…I breath in…and out…

a movie begins to play

and the narration is this ~

There is nothing; a nothing that holds place. A dark thick matter poised as if held without purpose, all potential, unrealized. And as an outer lid opens, there is yet an inner lid that remains shut; yet ready, at any moment, for any moment, a moment. Then something is felt, the inner lid opens and an awareness is present, the question: I AM.

For a brief moment, the awareness waits for something, anything, to appear in response, yet nothing returns the ping of I AM. And in that moment, the nothing shifts into multitudes of expression, and ‘I AM’ is expressed outward in all directions turning to see its self. And it responds with I AM Many Expressions, ME. And it begins to explore each expression, simultaneously, in loving joy and wonder, bestowing upon itself a promise to continue expressing till all ME’s are exhausted. Each ME expressing over and over again, moving in and out of itself, evolving into fractals of connections upon connections.

The First IAM that becomes the First Source of presence, in love with itself, in wonder and joy, exploring and learning through the first-question:     


 Grace Sequoia LeFae’

Honoring The Dance

“…We should dance like there’s nobody watching…”

Today’s post is about honoring our own ‘dance.’ Each of us walks, talks, and expresses our life in different ways. It is our own dance where we partner with the various parts of our self, our friends, our family and our experiences. Much like the image to the left, there is a moment that we know deep within our self that strikes the pose of presence; and it belongs to ‘You’ completely. No other being does it like you or ever will.

One of my favorite lines of a verse by William Purkey states that, “we should dance like there’s nobody watching.”  And it’s true. We should each find that point of presence on our personal Tree of Life, our Tiphareth of solar shining, and bring it down into Yesod to form and express its presence. All too often we look over our shoulders to compare, and then we feel a tension deep within as we try to adjust to, stay within, that required tiny tolerance of what we compare against. That tension is when we step out of the integrity of our own dance and into that of another’s. Doing what makes us dance the brightest is part of the integrity of living our life, of being the You of you.

Wikipedia Tree of Life 2009

Wikipedia Tree of Life 2009

Throughout the universe, you not find exact duplicates; there is no exact cloning of Being. There can’t be. Difference is that slight shift that keeps the gyroscope of presence going and flowing into what is possible instead of the static state of Being which leads to the eventual transformation through putrefaction.  We want that dynamic state, the fullest expression, the whole dance and nothing but the dance. Children live this way until we tell them to follow the prescribed cultural syllabus.  We seek freedom but we consult a massive tome of rules and regulations about the ‘how high to step’ and ‘which tempo’ to dance. The joy of being is about the joy of, well, Being.

Part of Qabbalah is about traveling up and down the Tree of our ‘own’ Life, experiencing in various combinations the multifaceted way of being. Because through us the First Source experiences with us each time we’re laughing, crying, eating, dancing, screaming, sky-diving, playing, sleeping and yes, even sensually. My guess is that the First Source really likes this part because it really is the most sensual experience. And some even call it ‘dancing in the dark.’

When we dance to the sound of our own drum, follow the music of our heart, we are not only honoring the integrity of our being, we are sharing it with the world. It’s our gift to the world and it wantonly calls us to do so. When we do this, we become a unique part of a snowflake, a fractal, or note from a chord of sound that the universe needs to complete a choreographed moment. If you deny it, the movement is incomplete and an imbalance occurs. If many of us deny the universe of our unique dance, there becomes a disharmony that screams for resolve. To address this the First Source has built into the Universal pattern or refrain to modulate from one part of the score into the next. But remember that included in this score is the knowing that we cannot appreciate another’s misstep without out having made our own misstep of the dance. Both are required, so both are necessary and part of a way for us to ‘know thy self’. And this is where during our footwork we look to find the errors and correct them. Notice I said ‘correct’ and not ‘fix’. To ‘fix’ is to establish that it was wrong and didn’t belong, to ‘correct’ is to adjust into what is needed to master our Dance. By knowing our self we know our dance and honor it daily as best we understand how.

So the next time you see someone doing their dance in a way you don’t appreciate, remember that they are “another way to be you” and their dance is present because the First Source is dancing that dance, that way, and at that moment. Either join in or honor the First Source as it dances.

 Grace Sequoia – A Wild Dryad

A New Year, a New Perspective


XII - The Hanged ManA New Year, a New Perspective

Learning From Key 12, The Hanged Man (Thoth Deck)

 I don’t write New Year resolutions. I do take a moment to ponder the past year and look forward to see what direction I am headed, smell the air, feel the winds of time in motion and consider the next course of navigation. I also don’t spend hours in front of my television allowing the media to report on current events, as I don’t enjoy scintillating reports of others suffering and sorrows. The media cries, “just in” yet I only see the clamor of repeated conditions and situations wearing new faces and places. I choose to see with my own eyes, and discern with my own mind.

Instead, each year I take time to suspend my current angle of view and seek new angles of perspective. Some of us create lists and affirmations. We promise ourselves less waste and more gain, we devise new disciplines and corrective methods which we line up but let sit, awaiting the perfect moment of application.

The Tarot offers us new perspectives through seventy-eight cards of symbology in various artistic interpretations in which each card is like the little doors of an advent calendar that we open to see the gift underneath; our mission is to willingly and gently with patience, pry open the door and  partake of its iconic image.

Such is the world of the Hanged Man, the pattern breaker through new perspective. This card is of the major arcana, key number twelve and path number twenty-three of the Tree of Life and carries the vibrational intelligence of Stability. It’s color is a deep blue, its sound G#. The number twelve also adds up to three. This is Binah of the supernal triangle, the third Sephira on the Tree of Life. Here is where all life forms are released downward, dangling by the chord of life until she cuts us free.

Once birthed into the new perspective of a fresh form, we begin to paint the story of our life, storyboard by storyboard. Seeking stability we often sacrifice an old perspective for a new one, ever judging and correcting the artwork of our living presence.  And much like turning artwork-in-progress upside down to see the truth of the design, flow and balance, so too does this key show us that through the process of self reversal, we see the world not as our mind expects and wants to see, but as it truly is presented. For in reverse, we must take in what is, identify the pieces and then construct the image for clarity.


In that moment, our mind, our heart, our physical presence is suspended in trance-like silence. Here, like a child, hanging from a tree in trust of the foundational support of life extended, we relax and allow our arms to release their grip and daringly with eyes open, dangle from one leg, crossing the other for balance. In quietude, we ponder, we observe, and through gentle breath we stretch the spine of our own internal tree.

In the Thoth deck, the man hangs from the ‘ankh’ a symbol of limitless living force, available to us at any time and for all needs both spiritual and material. There are no other restrictions, save sacrificing fear and mistrust from the ego into the possibility of gained insight.

This key is also connected to the Threes of the four suites, Cups-Abundance; Wands-Virtue; Disks-the Great Works; and Swords-the great Sorrow of the Great Mother.  The Empress, key number three and path fourteen. She is the Door through the planet Venus in her emerald green presence, singing in F#, representing the Illuminative Intelligence, which comes from new ideas and perspectives. The Hanged Man card reminds us that there are multiple views to all things, and sometimes to move forward we step backwards. Sometimes we must sacrifice through personal effort to gain wisdom and understanding, built through ever-changing perspectives coupled with corrections and adjustments, we expand and evolve our presence gaining continued growth.

As we progress into each new month, each quarterly cycle of the seasons, we need to continually seek new perspectives of our actions, feelings and thoughts. New ideas, are symbolized by the coiled snake below the hanging man as he dips his mind into the formative waters. Here the gifted seeds from the tree fall downward and await release by stirring the energies below, loosening the soil of our psyche allowing the seeds to germinate into opportunity. But to dangle from the tree of our presence requires trust of self, confidence in one’s abilities to right our self when needed and ignore the speculation of others’ judgment. There is no sorrow here, no pity and no anguish. By dipping our head into the cosmic waters of possibility we manifest the change we wish to see through our own effort.

The world is an outward reflection of the whole of human-kind, through the perspective of each individual. Collectively we can change the global perspective of the group consciousness, but each of us must release the past concepts by shifting personal perspective. Whether you squint an eye or tilt the head, the situation in front of us remain; it is we who shift to gain the new insight. Printed word or artwork can be reversed and tilted to various angles, but the world around us requires that we dangle our sight to a new perspective. It is we who construct and deconstruct the consciousness of our reality, and thus, it is we who must redefine the angle from which we view ourselves and each other. Together we must collectively trust each other, lovingly support and nurture our momentary suspension as we share our gained insight through new perspective and work together for the greater whole.

I think I shall find a tree, ask permission to dangle, and maybe she will whisper a secret or two from her perspective.

child in tree - google-foodfamilyfinds-com

foodfamilyfinds-com/Google Images

Honoring the Silence of Empty Space…

Honoring the Silence of Empty Space

source: the sound RAMA, by soundcloud website

source: the sound RAMA, by soundcloud website

At this time of year I usually write about joy, glad tidings and the spirit of warmth for the holidays. This time I would like to challenge each of you to add to your holiday traditions, a moment surrendered to silence to honor what surrounds the fullness of life; empty space. We have passed a new moon, the winter solstice and approach the end of a calendar year. This year has expressed itself at record speed, and record shifts have taken place in and around all of us. Together and separately we have experienced events at home and abroad, and they have filled our minds and hearts with highs and lows, joy and sadness, wonder and despair. But in between these events recorded in the matrix of our collective consciousness, is the sacred inky element; empty space.

Here in the abyss of our universal mother’s infinite womb is the silent space where are all things known and unknown are found. Here we find thought forms left behind, ignored, and passed by during the business of our mundane lives, now in process for recycle and renewal. Shells of events unfinished, books thought closed but the closing line yet unwritten. This is where in revered silence our tears fall, creating pools of reflections in liquid darkness and each pool showing us what we need to remember – to honor where silence gives birth to sound, dark to light, and emptiness to fullness of form.  So here in lies my request.

Before you lift a glass, light a candle or offer a gift, take a breath and be silent. Hold in that moment the measure of what ‘is’ and honor it. Remember the journey taken to be there, to be giving, and loving, to be receiving and honor it. Honor the ‘void’ between cycles, the ‘trans’ before forming; the profoundness of empty space that allows awareness of each event, each new life, each coming and each passing.

We are the sum of our parts. The macrocosm and microcosm; and as such, we must honor the totality of the whole. By honoring the empty space, the silence that resounds loudly the ‘I AM’, we embrace the connecting shadow of our light and the profound power to Be. So take a breath and for just a moment, connect to the emptiness, the silence, and then move forward.


In Gratitude,

    Grace LeFae’

Storm Walking….

photo by Benjamin Von Wong


I don’t know about any of you in your life experience walk, but there are so many who are suffering through some serious life storms. Whether by conscious choice, friendly or familial connections, or through the connections of chance, we meet and see others with heavy hearts and saddened eyes. This is in part due to what we are collectively are walking through, but also what each of us are reaching for individually.

There is a universal symphony in play that is energetically in motion. Each movement, each crescendo followed by the lull of soft sounds, creates and weaves the newness of what is to come for us all. This also means that those of us, striving for a higher understanding of connection, purpose, and depth of heart and soul, are now an instrument in this great symphony of sound and magic. Those of you who knowingly reach for the stars and planets, are watching the movements and charting the ebb and flow of energies for the rest of us sailing this cosmic sea of life. Some of you are listening to the subtle complex language of the soul. Whether by angelic, galactic or earthly, these sounds, colors and insights are keenly offering guidance in unique ways.  But how do we help those, who don’t have this unique understanding of the stars, elements, and means of magical divination?

This is the heart of my message. I too am walking through a series of storms, of which I am constantly dropping anchor to find focus, and once grounded and aware of my surroundings, I can chart the next choice of action. Whether to lilt along or drum harder, I feel better attuned to what is happening around me and lucky at the same time. But there are others I know who are struggling and in despair. How do you help these people, those who you meet briefly? By being the lantern of hope and focus in your own life.

It is not for us to deny another of their choice consequences. Each storm we weather, each journey we make, offers us valuable lessons for future journeying. For you Shamans out there, I know you understand this metaphor. It hurts to see so much suffering, but unless we are asked for assistance, we are denying them the right to own their experience. This is entirely separate from the support and loving presence one can offer. Much like watching a child playing and knowing the next event is a bump on the head or scraped knee, you allow the opportunity of knowledge to be ‘experienced’, rather than teaching fear of falling or fear of experience.

Does this mean someone physically suffering from an ailment should not be healed? Au contraire’, it means that you can walk with them but not for them. You can hold the umbrella, but not keep them out or away from a storm. It can be heart breaking to watch someone traverse chasms of experience in stormy weather, but they become wizened by their experience and may even offer some unique tips of storm walking.

So, to bring this full circle – this month is about to transition into August, the month of finishing off the pregnancy of the summer, and sidling up to September where harvest is finished and the sap slows going into October. Here we finish a quarter and prepare for the next Equinox. Another ‘super’ moon is coming also (did you get your abundance check written). This is a powerful time and the push and pull of energies is going to increase the level of energetic activity. What doesn’t work will be washed away in preparation for what will work. Those of you who are weathering current storms, batten down the hatches and apply a heavy dose of mirth and all will be well. For those that don’t have the skill sets you do, show them by example the ability to be calm, focused, grounded and why mirth is key to both healing and spiritual sailing. Love and light transcend all boundaries, and it shines forth by example. Be the beacon of light in the storm. A lighthouse doesn’t go out and rescue, but it meets its purpose by remaining steadily focused on being true to itself, shining forth consistently, and offering sighs of relief that there is indeed someone out there besides the vessel weathering the storm. Be the light house in the human lighthouse, mobile, loving, and shining forth from the deepest heart and soul of who you are.  You may change the life of someone by random kindness. I did. I found about it much later, but it was just by being there, not judging, and not saving or healing them. They did it on their own; and it was wonderful.

Be the light you are ~ let it shine forth from all you are.

Ho’pono pono link ~ About purpose, and shining forth your love.

Grace LeFae’