Major Arcana

When Trees Fall – Life Cycles

Embracing Life’s Cycles Through Dryadic Wisdom

Last wAfternoon Tree Shadoweek I released from my life, a former partner of 20 years. He was one of those people that filled space with his eclectic presence while sharing darting glimpses of an impish nature. Although we differed in taste of a variety of things, we did share a unique perspective of life; it’s bigger than you experience, while small in your mind. Our life experience is where we gather the bricks we lay to define our perspective, to limit interaction, and create the windows and doors for future experience.

As I reminisce over events passed, determine the destiny of possessions no longer needed, I see the culmination of an individual’s evolution of philosophy, expressions and dreams. Spread throughout a realm of personal domain, books, music, art and day-to-day living provides a macrocosmic viewing of a person. And yet, each piece offers a microcosmic viewing of the individual inside themselves.

The process of cathartic release through cleaning and clearing of once prized possessions, has brought to my attention, the way I gather and collect the ‘things’ of my mind’s desirous habits; my music, art, foods and belongings; all things to adorn my castle of being. And I have begun to question the truth of my choices. Not a judgement of its beauty, but of my intention for obtainment. Why this? Why that?

One of the great lessons of living and walking on our Celestial Mother’s belly, is to remember that ourFern Growth on Tree organic avatar, the form we wonder about in – that truthfully belongs to her – isn’t the one that collects, gathers and possesses anything; it is our mind-personality. Our body could care less about that Andy Warhol poster, Sprig-green wall color, or the style of furniture and fixtures we proudly show to friends and family. It has no concept of whether this food is trendy, tastes good or looks nice; again it is the mind-personality that discerns. For somewhere at some time, we experienced something, gave it value and gathered into our realm of living.

Our mind, divinely woven into a three pound collective of cellular weaving and winding, is divided into two halves joined with a dance hall in between. Here is where we learn to merge the dance steps with the feeling of dancing; the form with function, the linear with organic. It is the library of our life, carefully catalogued into various sections and departments, an on-demand system for the personality to reach into at a moment’s notice to respond and discern the ‘what happens next’ part of our life. Our fiber-optic network which we rely upon for lightning-fast response, streams as much as possible and as fast as possible, all sensory input associated with the summoning issued. Problem is if the file is empty it, grabs the next option available, leaving us with a bewildered expression.

Tree Rings wit MossHis passing also brings into focus the cycles of our life. We are born into freedom and it slowly recedes from us through that pavlovian process we acquiesce into from preschool onward. If we are lucky, if our friends and family allow our individuality to freely expand and express, we grow wings of empowerment and soar to our Soul’s content.

Tonight is a night of tarot, where I meet my adopted family on the earth-realm, and embrace the spiritual family of my past life connections. While we divine and intuit through the cards, I wonder if he will share his reclaimed freedom and offer insights from the realm of Source’s mansions and gardens. Will I see the major arcana of Death/Rebirth? Or will the Priestess appear showing a return straight up the Tree-of-Life back to Source? Will one of the minor arcana appear such as two-wands, mastery of personal domain, or an archetype such as one of the Thoth Princes showing Tiphareth is his destination and return to that Buddha, Christ, Zen energy of the Solar Son presence. Either way, I am excited to see the outcome; to use the cards as a tool to learn more, experience deeper, and celebrate that joyous cycle of returning to the IAM before returning back for a new ME.Sun Rays thru Trees

So, to all who are walking through transition, are helping those in transition or consider what the winter of life holds, worry not my friend…here is some dryadic wisdom to help.

We are the human trees that walk the Earth, and as such we they are kindred souls of the four
elements; we are of the fifth. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enlil referred to trees as ‘divine beings’ for they are as close to holding a soul as the Natural Order can conceive. We are the Solar presence of the human-tree; four forces using the four elements for expression, powered by the Sun of the Son of Source. We are the Sons and Daughters of the Cosmos, also divine beings.

So remember….

  • All seeds carry the unabridged blueprint from time immemorial, so do you through your genetic material and more importantly your Akashic records ~
  • All saplings reach for the sun, embrace the moon, dance in the wind, and weather storms, they are built for living, so are you, you just might have forgotten how powerful and wondrous you are ~
  • A tree or forest does not compete with itself or each other, they weave and reweave for stability and continuity, so can you be the master-weaver of your life-fabric of expression ~
  • Trees honor their presence through the lust to express, without question, without worry, the final outcome is the gift they share when they release, so know you die daily and rebirth in each morning – a new day of potential presence ~
  • When a tree falls, they actually surrender to the Great Mother, it is a celebration and all of its knowing, recorded in the cellular structure of its heartwood, is released into the archives of the grand matrix of Earth, so will you share your archived experience with Source and the grand matrix of the Hue-Man forest ~
  • All trees are connected through the network of expressive presence, they do not understand separation, only connection, so remember, none of us are alone, ever; your Soul will never abandon you – sing to it, dance with it, wake it up and shout IAM together!

Grace Sequoia ~

Dryad of the Mother Tree, now in the Hue-Man Tree of Life


A New Year, a New Perspective


XII - The Hanged ManA New Year, a New Perspective

Learning From Key 12, The Hanged Man (Thoth Deck)

 I don’t write New Year resolutions. I do take a moment to ponder the past year and look forward to see what direction I am headed, smell the air, feel the winds of time in motion and consider the next course of navigation. I also don’t spend hours in front of my television allowing the media to report on current events, as I don’t enjoy scintillating reports of others suffering and sorrows. The media cries, “just in” yet I only see the clamor of repeated conditions and situations wearing new faces and places. I choose to see with my own eyes, and discern with my own mind.

Instead, each year I take time to suspend my current angle of view and seek new angles of perspective. Some of us create lists and affirmations. We promise ourselves less waste and more gain, we devise new disciplines and corrective methods which we line up but let sit, awaiting the perfect moment of application.

The Tarot offers us new perspectives through seventy-eight cards of symbology in various artistic interpretations in which each card is like the little doors of an advent calendar that we open to see the gift underneath; our mission is to willingly and gently with patience, pry open the door and  partake of its iconic image.

Such is the world of the Hanged Man, the pattern breaker through new perspective. This card is of the major arcana, key number twelve and path number twenty-three of the Tree of Life and carries the vibrational intelligence of Stability. It’s color is a deep blue, its sound G#. The number twelve also adds up to three. This is Binah of the supernal triangle, the third Sephira on the Tree of Life. Here is where all life forms are released downward, dangling by the chord of life until she cuts us free.

Once birthed into the new perspective of a fresh form, we begin to paint the story of our life, storyboard by storyboard. Seeking stability we often sacrifice an old perspective for a new one, ever judging and correcting the artwork of our living presence.  And much like turning artwork-in-progress upside down to see the truth of the design, flow and balance, so too does this key show us that through the process of self reversal, we see the world not as our mind expects and wants to see, but as it truly is presented. For in reverse, we must take in what is, identify the pieces and then construct the image for clarity.


In that moment, our mind, our heart, our physical presence is suspended in trance-like silence. Here, like a child, hanging from a tree in trust of the foundational support of life extended, we relax and allow our arms to release their grip and daringly with eyes open, dangle from one leg, crossing the other for balance. In quietude, we ponder, we observe, and through gentle breath we stretch the spine of our own internal tree.

In the Thoth deck, the man hangs from the ‘ankh’ a symbol of limitless living force, available to us at any time and for all needs both spiritual and material. There are no other restrictions, save sacrificing fear and mistrust from the ego into the possibility of gained insight.

This key is also connected to the Threes of the four suites, Cups-Abundance; Wands-Virtue; Disks-the Great Works; and Swords-the great Sorrow of the Great Mother.  The Empress, key number three and path fourteen. She is the Door through the planet Venus in her emerald green presence, singing in F#, representing the Illuminative Intelligence, which comes from new ideas and perspectives. The Hanged Man card reminds us that there are multiple views to all things, and sometimes to move forward we step backwards. Sometimes we must sacrifice through personal effort to gain wisdom and understanding, built through ever-changing perspectives coupled with corrections and adjustments, we expand and evolve our presence gaining continued growth.

As we progress into each new month, each quarterly cycle of the seasons, we need to continually seek new perspectives of our actions, feelings and thoughts. New ideas, are symbolized by the coiled snake below the hanging man as he dips his mind into the formative waters. Here the gifted seeds from the tree fall downward and await release by stirring the energies below, loosening the soil of our psyche allowing the seeds to germinate into opportunity. But to dangle from the tree of our presence requires trust of self, confidence in one’s abilities to right our self when needed and ignore the speculation of others’ judgment. There is no sorrow here, no pity and no anguish. By dipping our head into the cosmic waters of possibility we manifest the change we wish to see through our own effort.

The world is an outward reflection of the whole of human-kind, through the perspective of each individual. Collectively we can change the global perspective of the group consciousness, but each of us must release the past concepts by shifting personal perspective. Whether you squint an eye or tilt the head, the situation in front of us remain; it is we who shift to gain the new insight. Printed word or artwork can be reversed and tilted to various angles, but the world around us requires that we dangle our sight to a new perspective. It is we who construct and deconstruct the consciousness of our reality, and thus, it is we who must redefine the angle from which we view ourselves and each other. Together we must collectively trust each other, lovingly support and nurture our momentary suspension as we share our gained insight through new perspective and work together for the greater whole.

I think I shall find a tree, ask permission to dangle, and maybe she will whisper a secret or two from her perspective.

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When Towers Crumble and Bridges Fall…



The Tower - Card #17

Tower Card XVI, Thoth Deck



When Bridges Fall and Towers Crumble…

Walking the Path of the Tower Card, Major Arcana – Thoth Deck

The world is walking through an amazing, yet painful and rapid process of healing, renovation and restoration. This involves all of us; the Earth, her children and ‘We the Humans’; the ones who tread where Angels fear to follow. Together yet individually, we must go into the night; the deep jungle of our hearts and minds to unearth the hoarded secrets of the self and set free the skeletons of our past. But this is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for trend or to dust off the ego’s furniture; oh no, this is the deep scouring. This is the reformatting of the hard-drive of our hearts and mind/personality. Here we dump old programs, rewrite the wetware of labels and definitions of all things outside of our self. This my friends is where the rubber meets the road, because this is for the serious trekker. This journey requires a shamanistic dive into the lower realm where the caves are dark, the ground wet and damp. Here you meet the shadows of You and embrace the suffering and sorrows to understand them in order to reconcile and walk again in your inner peace and integrity.

 For this is the TOWER card, number sixteen which rolls into number seven, Netzach the Sephira where we learn Victory. Here is where the sevens of the deck share their knowledge and offer the energetics of learning about Love, Feelings & Instinct, Nature, the Arts and The Group Mind. It actively sends forth the call for work in the Astral Triangle, where we form the thoughts we bring into manifest in the physical realm of Assiah. But it is also the path of PE, with the fiery Mars energy shown in colors of scarlet, orange and yellow, and the black darkness of the North. This path is where you where you find the “gateways of the soul” (The Qabalistic Tarot – Robert Wang). PE means ‘mouth’, the gateway where life enters and death exits. This is where we express our ideas and desires. For words are sounds, and sound shifts frequency. In the card, the all-seeing-eye of Horus perceives all and shines forth its knowledge of awareness while the mouth of PE burns the dross of the unnecessary chafe, leaving the edifying kernels of life giving wheat. These are the building blocks for what will remain as a solid foundation of You. As the tower stands alone, so do each of us, set into the landscape of our choosing, and here we must break down the walls and constructs of what no longer assists us in preparation for the soul’s journey for higher understanding and life experience. Through this process, we become victorious, which means we have walked through trials and tribulations, and we rise again like the phoenix to rebuild the new pyramid that will last well into your future, in strength and empowerment; but only if you are courageous, and honest enough to walk with faith and trust, without the compass of past world definition.

As we each walk through our own ‘dark nights of the soul’, or if you wish, much needed self renovations and restoration, so does the ‘Group Consciousness of Human-kind’. Each of us, are part of the whole, and as such we individually and together chart the course of the whole. Through each of us taking responsibility for our choices to allow old bridges of falsity and imperfections, which we have been struggling to hold together, finally fall into the ruins they belong, we clear the horizon for a new age; a clairsited future. The gilded past of ivory towers and meandering bridges illusions will flicker and fade from our holographic, self-perceived reality game of survival. The old concepts of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual give way to new insights, into the authenticity of the truth of You, covered up beneath the layers of dogma and self-imposed methodology.

The TOWER reminds us that even though the towers tumble and the bridges fall down around us, we are still capable of remaining centered by understanding that the We are not the world, our friends, our family our jobs or what we own. We can’t be them because we observe everything around us; daily. The observer cannot be the observed. Once we release the tether of ‘group consciousness’ and embrace the unique and wondrous inner Sun of our Self, our Solar Self (solar-el, sol-el soul), we can shine forth from the Christ/Buddha center sun of our being. The six pointed center of Tiphareth and of the newness of possibility. This is my dream for each and all of us, together. I accept the challenge of deconstruction to push new life and welcome the fire of the holy spirit to burn away the deadwood, gathered over time; to ignite the flame of inner seeded hope and new growth. I am the Forest and the Tree. And you?


Grace LeFae’