My Personal Oubliette

The_Oubliette villians_wikia_comEach of us has a place where we push into hiding, something about ourselves. Here we place our skeletons, covet our gold pieces and label them ‘precious’; our personal Arkenstone. It is also our personal conflict of the inner sanctum of the Me. We become Smaug to our secrets and create that discord we hope no one will hear in our song; after all we must always show a proper face to the world. After time passes, we often forget these buried bits of self that is until we begin the alchemical process of becoming The Philosopher’s Stone.

Smaug-The-Dragon-smaug-the-dragon-34600266-500-322 fanpop

By this time, we have built an elaborate Labyrinth of twists and turns to hide these hidden gems, treasures of the deeper-self, now coated in masks of imagery so that we no longer recognize the core of the pearl we hold so dear in our eyes. Those grains of life-sand that so irritated, hurt, and shamed us, that caused discord in our life, now lie hidden by the opalescence of reflected light.

During some of my recent self-work, I reluctantly but still spiritually dumpster-dived into the depth of my arcane past, found some forgotten parts-of-the-self. I encountered in my oubliette, a French word for where we put things to forget, and found things I believed no longer existed and was unwilling to accept as belonging to the woman I have become; because one of the hardest things to embrace is our frailties, our errors and our mistruths.

your-shadow ardentlight_comAs we each delve deeper into ourselves, we not only heal the you of You, but the collective consciousness of the life-experience you have lived up to now. For those that embrace past-life experience, what we have been carrying along as inner wisdom, can be in truth our inner errors; false gold and fake pearls we call treasures. Those past lives that seem so cool and exciting to discover, may in truth be the gained wisdom of our missteps, results of unspeakable choices and painful experiences.

In order to continue our quest for our personal holy-Grael, we soon learn that we must change the world from the inside, to ‘be the change we wish to see.’ It has taken years and life-times to build my treasure kingdom, and it has been a painful yet rewarding experience to open each closet to remove those skeletons, sweep the cobwebs and let in the light of understanding. Each hidden realm and dungeon I encounter a dragon that hordes, an oubliette that seems empty until I shine my light to find tattered tales, false beliefs, masks of misperceptions and least expected, that which causes my deepest fear, my fallibility. Here is where I found my connection to all is no different than any other Mystical_lovers_journey tumblr red-blood-pathwaybeing, we are all one great light of presence, already connected to the whole I call Source. And that my life experience is just that, an experience; a role my Soul chose for this life experience. Each person is another way to be me, for in truth, many of you are experiencing roles I have already experienced, albeit I did it my way, through my own method of experience. And my fears are the amalgamation of all that society, culture, family and peers have imprinted upon my memory from their own suffering and sorrows; misery loves company, after all.

So, as I continue to open closets, raise my lantern to the level of my eye and I walk from one dungeon to the next and peer into each oubliette, I challenge my Soul to reveal each hidden bauble of falsity and fear I have hidden deep within so that I face my shadow, shine my light, and expand my presence. To be the Philosopher’s Stone requires patience with the alchemical process, willingness to surrender to truth, and no longer hold precious the masks we wear for our life-experience role. It is our Soul that set the stage, wrote the play, and continues to direct the story; that is if we are willing to surrender to the bigger picture instead of the line-by-line details our ego craves to act upon the stage it sees.

May you find your personal oubliettes, shine your light bright, face your shadows and embrace your role with the gusto your Soul hired you to play.