The Physician’s Spread

The Physician’s Spread is a tarot spread and a gift from a collective consciousness so named, Simon of Egypt. It was channeled by Grace LeFae’ in mid 2014 during some in-depth studies with Master Qabalist and Tarot Medium, Eli Serabeth. Its purpose is to allow others to learn how their thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) impact the body. It is not for diagnosis, but rather to allow others to learn and become more aware of the connections of the mind-body-spirit concept.

The booklet contains six pages and two inserts that discuss the purpose, layout, and read pattern for the spread. There is a colored diagram of the spread with the log sheet to note the cards thrown and record the read. There is an extra log sheet to use or make copies.


  1. No one can charge to share the spread layout, it was freely given and it is freely offered. (The colored diagram in the booklet)
  2. The booklet is copyrighted under the authorship of Grace LeFae’ and may not be copied or sold without permission.
  3. Those who choose to use the spread, and charge for the ‘reading’, must inform the querent, that this is not a diagnosis or cure-all. It is strictly a chance to begin discussion into what is manifesting, the possible cause, and whether there needs to be a follow up dialogue that requires attention by a qualified practitioner of healing; allopathic or alternative.

If you wish to obtain the booklet, it is $10.00 + $1.00 for shipping/handling. Tax is included in the price.

The book which covers the spread in-depth, is in draft and will be available soon. If interested please let us know.

In love and light,

                    Grace LeFae’

The Physician's Spread Booklet

To purchase this for teaching, please email Grace via the contact form. 



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