Physician’s Spread Layout

The Physician’s Spread Layout

This spread consists of twenty cards and is based on the Thoth Deck. Imagine the Spread laid out upon the Querent’s spine. This means the querent is face down for the read of the spread, and thus the right side is in fact, on the right side of the spread.

 The spread is free to use per the collective consciousness Simon of Egypt, but is copyrighted by Grace LeFae’.

Rule for Querent or Base line card(Not for use for children under one year of age)

Male/Female over age 50 years, choose the court card of Knight or Queen (Thoth deck), King/Queen (other decks)

Male/Female age 1 – 50 years, choose the court card of Prince or Princess (Thoth deck), Knight/Page (other decks)

Physician's Spread Full Layout


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