Honoring The Dance

“…We should dance like there’s nobody watching…”

Today’s post is about honoring our own ‘dance.’ Each of us walks, talks, and expresses our life in different ways. It is our own dance where we partner with the various parts of our self, our friends, our family and our experiences. Much like the image to the left, there is a moment that we know deep within our self that strikes the pose of presence; and it belongs to ‘You’ completely. No other being does it like you or ever will.

One of my favorite lines of a verse by William Purkey states that, “we should dance like there’s nobody watching.”  And it’s true. We should each find that point of presence on our personal Tree of Life, our Tiphareth of solar shining, and bring it down into Yesod to form and express its presence. All too often we look over our shoulders to compare, and then we feel a tension deep within as we try to adjust to, stay within, that required tiny tolerance of what we compare against. That tension is when we step out of the integrity of our own dance and into that of another’s. Doing what makes us dance the brightest is part of the integrity of living our life, of being the You of you.

Wikipedia Tree of Life 2009

Wikipedia Tree of Life 2009

Throughout the universe, you not find exact duplicates; there is no exact cloning of Being. There can’t be. Difference is that slight shift that keeps the gyroscope of presence going and flowing into what is possible instead of the static state of Being which leads to the eventual transformation through putrefaction.  We want that dynamic state, the fullest expression, the whole dance and nothing but the dance. Children live this way until we tell them to follow the prescribed cultural syllabus.  We seek freedom but we consult a massive tome of rules and regulations about the ‘how high to step’ and ‘which tempo’ to dance. The joy of being is about the joy of, well, Being.

Part of Qabbalah is about traveling up and down the Tree of our ‘own’ Life, experiencing in various combinations the multifaceted way of being. Because through us the First Source experiences with us each time we’re laughing, crying, eating, dancing, screaming, sky-diving, playing, sleeping and yes, even sensually. My guess is that the First Source really likes this part because it really is the most sensual experience. And some even call it ‘dancing in the dark.’

When we dance to the sound of our own drum, follow the music of our heart, we are not only honoring the integrity of our being, we are sharing it with the world. It’s our gift to the world and it wantonly calls us to do so. When we do this, we become a unique part of a snowflake, a fractal, or note from a chord of sound that the universe needs to complete a choreographed moment. If you deny it, the movement is incomplete and an imbalance occurs. If many of us deny the universe of our unique dance, there becomes a disharmony that screams for resolve. To address this the First Source has built into the Universal pattern or refrain to modulate from one part of the score into the next. But remember that included in this score is the knowing that we cannot appreciate another’s misstep without out having made our own misstep of the dance. Both are required, so both are necessary and part of a way for us to ‘know thy self’. And this is where during our footwork we look to find the errors and correct them. Notice I said ‘correct’ and not ‘fix’. To ‘fix’ is to establish that it was wrong and didn’t belong, to ‘correct’ is to adjust into what is needed to master our Dance. By knowing our self we know our dance and honor it daily as best we understand how.

So the next time you see someone doing their dance in a way you don’t appreciate, remember that they are “another way to be you” and their dance is present because the First Source is dancing that dance, that way, and at that moment. Either join in or honor the First Source as it dances.

 Grace Sequoia – A Wild Dryad


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